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Established in 1960 in lovely Hawaii, Carmela Orchids provides beautiful orchids to both wholesale and retail customers worldwide.
We have several varieties of orchids, such as, cattleya, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium and vanda.  They are offered from flasks to mature blooming plants.  We are known for our high standards of quality and for our satisfied customers.

We would be happy to fill your custom request. Call us today to discuss your interests.


Carmela Orchids, Inc. shall be responsible only for the purchase price of each plant sold. We make no warranty, expressed or implied as to the productiveness of any plants sold as a result of this or any other offering warranty.  Any issues regarding plant quality (including damage during shipping) must be made within 2 weeks of receipt.  Any request made after 2 weeks will not be honored as we are not able to control the plant's growing environment once out of our hands.

Please note: In support of International Customs regulations regarding Agriculture, all regular priced orders can be shipped to contiguous United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and St. Croix/Virgin Islands only.  We do not ship to Alaska.  This does not  included any Specials/Sales.  Orders outside these areas are subject to cancellation. Please contact Carmela Orchids at (808) 963-6189 for more information.


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We had a lot of April showers....making for lots of May flowers!  We've been having a lot of rain here in Hawaii but hopefully it will start drying up soon. 

We'll be having an exciting May this year!  Mother's Day is always a busy time for us & we're happy to have a NEW mother to celebrate!  We welcomed our 2nd granddaughter, Avery just a week ago & can't wait to have our daughter, Alysha enjoy her first Mother's Day this month!  Maddie and Avery will be sure to keep us busy! 

We will also be attending the Redlands International Orchid Show (May 18-20) right after Mother's Day so it will be another busy time for us!  Join us at the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead, FL for the 21st annual show.  We've heard great things about this show & can't wait to be a part of it this year!
Due to our busy schedule this month we will not ship any orders May 8 - May 20 so get your orders in early!  Sorry for the inconvenience.   

Specials are while supplies last so order yours today!    
We will send you 6 near blooming size plants and 6 plants in 2 1/2 inch pots for $62.00. Free shipping and these are our choices.
For this month only we will select for you 70 mericlone plants in 2 1/2 inch pot (2 each per variety) for $200.00. Free shipping and we will choose the plants.
Granddaughter's Deals
Baby Avery will fill a box of species and fragrant plants in all different size pots for $86.00. Free shipping.
Maddie Girl has a box of 30 plants in all different sizes ready for $190.00.  Free shipping.
Get 2 plants in 3 1/4 in pots and 2 plants in 2 1/2 inch pot of Hawaiian Prominence for $45.00.  Free shipping.  We will also add 5 plugs of Prominence too!
Get 12 large Bare root Phalaenopsis (no spikes) for $86.00.  Free shipping.
NBA Playoffs Specials
You will get 6 vandaceous plants (2 years from blooming) for $64.00. Free shipping.
We will choose 3 blooming size vandaceous plants and
3 vandaceous plants (2 years from blooming) for $90.00. Free Shipping.
Summer is coming and the dens are ready to spike. We will send you 6 blooming size dens for $56.00. We will also add 4 more dens in 2 1/2 inch pots.  Free shipping.

Extra shipping charges to Virgin Isles and Alaska.
Check out our ebay site or Amazon site for more of our company's specials!