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May 8th Update:  We are about 2-3 weeks behind on order shipments (processing orders received week of April 27th) due to the busy Mother’s Day Holiday.  We apologize but we have not been able to read any emails received since April 30th.  We hope to be caught up with orders by the week of May 25th.  Thank you for your patience!

We have updated to a new website platform. Unfortunately, if you previously had an account with us, you will need to register again. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Click here to register.

Established in 1960 in lovely Hawaii, Carmela Orchids provides beautiful orchids to both wholesale and retail customers worldwide.

We have several varieties of orchids, such as, cattleya, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium and vanda. They are offered from flasks to mature blooming plants. We are known for our high standards of quality and for our satisfied customers.

We would be happy to fill your custom request. Call us today to discuss your interests.

Mother’s Day 2020:

We are very sorry for our communication error regarding order shipments.  Our shipping department has been shut down as of Monday 12 pm HST due to local Mother’s Day basket deliveries.  We intended to say that all orders must be placed by phone (& not online orders) before Monday 5/4 12 pm HST for mainland shipping this week. 

We are currently processing orders received the last week of April. 

We thank you for your patience!

~Carmela Orchids

May Day is Lei Day here in Hawaii! Although we cannot celebrate this year’s May Day in full swing we’re excited that we’ll be able to offer beautiful orchids for Mother’s Day, May 10th! Locally in Hilo we are offering free delivery of single orchid plants as well as multi-plant baskets in lieu of our annual basket sale at the mall. Call the nursery at 808-963-6189 to place your order today! Shipping of Mother’s Day arrangements to the rest of the state of Hawaii as well as to the US Mainland are on a first come, first served basis and will incur additional shipping charges. Orders must be placed by Monday May 4th 12 pm HST to ensure deliver to the US Mainland by Mother’s Day.

Due to the Mother’s Day rush and our limited staff due to continued quarantine measures here in Hawaii all new orders will be delayed in shipping until AFTER Mother’s Day. We typically are able to ship orders out within a week but the current situation has orders going out ~2 weeks after receipt. We thank you for your patience & understanding as we continue to work through social distancing & state requirements.

~Carmela Orchids~

Get a box of 8 near blooming to blooming size plants for $125.00. Half of the plants will be in spike, bud or bloom. These are our choices. Free Shipping!

Budded Cattleya Specials:

You will receive 2 Cattleyas in bud for $60.00. Free shipping.

You will get 4 budded Cattleyas for $102.00. Free shipping.

We will select for you 2 different Miltonias for $47.00. Shipping is free.

We will continue with this deal from March.  3 year old Maddie will supervise in the selection of 12 plants in 2 ½ inch pots that are fragrant for $68.00. These will not be in bloom.  Free shipping and we will choose the plants.

We will choose 5 spiking or budded plants for $88.00. Free shipping.

This box will contain 6 budded or spiking plants for $115.00.  Free Shipping.

We will select for you 6 vandaecous plants in 4 inch baskets (2 years to bloom) for $90.00. We will add 1 plant that will bloom within a year.  Shipping is free.

While Maddie & Avery still have to stay at home here in Hawaii you will get a box full of plants, some with buds or spikes and others 1-3 years from blooming for $175.00. Shipping is free and stay safe!!

We will select for you 52 plants (4 each of 13 varieties) in 2 ½ inch pots (2-3 years to bloom) for $190.00. Free shipping and these are our choices.

Get 15 plants (2 ½ inch and 3 ¼ inch pot) for $105.00.  2 or 3 plants may be in spike!  Our choices and free shipping.

Extra Shipping Charges for the Virgin Isles.
All plants for specials are our choices.

Check out our ebay site for more of our company’s specials!

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