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Established in 1960 in lovely Hawaii, Carmela Orchids provides beautiful orchids to both wholesale and retail customers worldwide.

We have several varieties of orchids, such as, cattleya, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium and vanda. They are offered from flasks to mature blooming plants. We are known for our high standards of quality and for our satisfied customers.

We would be happy to fill your custom request. Call us today to discuss your interests.
June is the start of summer & it’s already getting HOT HOT HOT!  We are still catching up due to our busy busy month of May but that didn’t stop us from sending out our specials for June!   
We have the NBA Finals going on right now.  It’s another Golden State appearance but this time against Toronto.  We’re excited to see who walks away with the title this year.   
In May we celebrated our moms…in June we celebrate our DADS!  Sunday, June 16th is Father’s Day.  Remember to get that special father something special.  Don’t forget dads like orchids too!   
At the end of the month we have our local Hilo Orchid Show (June 28-30).  Come see all of the beautiful floor displays and visit one of the many vendors that will be at this great show!   

You will receive 4 budded cattleyas in 4 – 4 1/2 inch pots for $110.00. Free shipping and you will also get 6 cattleyas in 2 1/2 inch pots at no charge.

The Boss will select 2 Budded Cattleya plants in 4 1/2 inch pot for $65.00.  Free shipping and you will also receive 2 Cattleya plants (no buds) in 3 1/4 inch pots at no charge.

Hilo Orchid Show (June 28-30) Show Specials:

Get a good mix of 8 plants (some will have spikes or buds) for $98.00.  Free shipping.

We will select for you 8 assorted plants in 3 1/4 inch pots (1-2 years to bloom) and 8 assorted plants in 2 1/2 inch pots (2-3 years to bloom) for $110.00.  Free shipping. 

NBA 2019 Finals:

Get a Big 3-Point Win with 6 Cattleya Clones in 3 1/4 inch pots (1-2 years to bloom) and 6 Cattleya Clones in 2 1/2 inch pots (2-3 years to bloom) for $74.00.  Shipping included and these are our choices.

Get a Slam Dunk Win with 100 assorted plugs (20 each of 5 varieties) plus 2 flasks for $120.00.  These are our choices and shipping is included.

We will select for you 10 assorted plants (3 1/4 inch and larger pots) and bareroot them for $102.00.  Shipping is included.

Our team will select for you 6 different flasks (35-50 plants per flask) for $92.00.  Shipping is included.

We will select for you 100 Dendrobium plugs (20 each of 5 varieties), 6 plants in 3 1/4 inch pots, and 6 plants in 2 1/2 inch pots for $125.00.  Shipping included.

Father’s Day 2019 Specials:

To celebrate all those special fathers out there we will send you 7 species and/or fragrant plants (no buds or spikes) in all different sizes for $86.00.  Free shipping.

Our special father will select for you 7 vandaceous plants in 4 inch baskets (2-3 years to bloom) and 30 vandaceous plugs (10 each of 3 varieties) for $96.00.  Shipping included. 

Enjoy the start of summer with Maddie and a large box of 30 assorted plants for $168.00.  She might surprise you with some blooming or spiking.  Shipping included.

Enjoy the start of summer with Avery’s Summer Box Special.  You will get 14 assorted plants in all different sizes for $115.00.  She will also select some spiking and/or budded plants for you.

Extra Shipping Charges for the Virgin Isles.
All plants for specials are our choices.

Check out our ebay site for more of our company’s specials!

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