Welcome to Carmela Orchids

We are not accepting visitors to the nursery at this time.

Established in 1960 in lovely Hawaii, Carmela Orchids provides beautiful orchids to both wholesale and retail customers worldwide.

We have several varieties of orchids, such as, cattleya, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, oncidium and vanda. They are offered from flasks to mature blooming plants. We are known for our high standards of quality and for our satisfied customers.

We would be happy to fill your custom request. Call us today to discuss your interests.

Here comes March Madness!!

Even though he’s still recovering from a busy Valentine’s Day the boss came up with a couple of extra specials this month. LUCKY for you! But remember that some specials are very limited so order yours today so you don’t miss out.

We have decided not to attend any of the Orchid Shows except for our local Hilo Orchid Society Show at this time.  We will let you know if we plan to attend any shows in the future.

You will get 18 plants for $219.00.  9 plants will be in flower, spike or buds.  The other plants will be in 3 ¼ inch and 4 inch pots (no buds or spikes).  As a bonus we will add 20 plugs (5 each of 4 varieties).  Free Shipping.

Six year old Madison continues to celebrate her Birthday with 50 Mericlone Cattleya plants (5 each of 10 varieties) in 2 ½ inch pot for $275.00.  Shipping is free.

Very attractive white flowers with bright orange red color in lip.  Get a plant in 3 ¼ inch pot (blooming size –no buds) for $26.00.  Standard Shipping rates apply.

Show stopping dendrobium species.  Get a near blooming size plant about 1 year from blooming in 3 ¼ inch pot for $28.00.  Standard Shipping rates apply.

Get lucky with a box of 50 plants!  You will get 20 plants that are in spike or buds or flowering, 10 bareroot plants and 20 plants in 2 ½ inch pot for $445.00.  Free shipping.

Get a blooming size plant in 3 ¼ inch pot for $26.00.  Available while supplies last!  Standard Shipping rates apply.

3-4 inch white flowers with reddish pink lip.  Get a plant in 3 ¼ inch pot (1-2 years to bloom) for $18.00.  Standard Shipping rates apply.

5 month old Zach will select for you 5 blooming size plants, 3 of which will be in spike or bud or bloom for $102.00.  Free Shipping.

Almost 5 year old Avery will flip for you 20 mericlone plants for $210.00.  10 plants will be in 3 ¼ inch or 4 inch pots and be in bud or spike and 10 plants will be in 2 ½ inch pot (no buds or spike).  As a bonus you will get 20 mericlone plugs (5 each of 4 varieties).  Free Shipping.

We will send you 5 budded Cattleyas and 5 cattleyas in 2 ½ pots for $135.00.  Free Shipping.

The Boss will send you 5 near blooming to blooming size plants (no buds or spikes) for $125.00.  Some may be in bud. Free Shipping.

You will get 4 different Den anosmum or hybrids of anosmum for $125.00.  Free shipping.

Extra Shipping Charges for the Virgin Isles.  
All plants for specials are our choices and specials are available while supplies last!
 For all our customers we need your physical address for Federal Express and UPS delivery.

Check out our ebay site for more of our company’s specials!